Digging Some Dirt! (Overview)

This Archaeological Field School has been one of the most enlightening experience that I have had in all of my academic years. It’s not just the interdisciplinary elements that are involved in this excavation, but it’s more of the hands on experience and the participation in uncovering artifacts such as pottery, bone, tesserae, glass, and metal. One’s man trash is another man’s treasure. Every time I found one of those artifacts I couldn’t help but try to reconstruct the moment in time that they either dumped it or left it behind. I know it’s impossible to do that, but trying to situate it in its context really helps put what we are working on into perspective. The relationships that I made with the rest of the group were also important in my learning process. More importantly, I become friends with my fellow Bennies and Johnnies who I knew nothing about before this trip. Now we have this wonderful experience that we will always share and cherish. Needless to say I am very much dreading saying goodbye to the other students because they are honestly the most intellectual and dedicated archaeologists that I have ever met. Not that I’ve met many, but I just know from the way that they speak about archaeology and the experience that they have had in previous archaeological sites that they are passionate and determined to dig some dirt for a living and have fun doing it.