This one word is definitely the second best part of my day.  The first would have to be the way the sun rises over the mountains in the morning.  Another addition to my awesome mornings is how the big bright moon settles above the temple.  It’s all so peaceful and quite as we begin to set out our squares and begin pickaxing and hoeing away the dirt to uncover the past.  Though waking up at 4 am isn’t the easiest thing in the world, the way the sun rises makes my entire day.

Now, to focus on breakfast.  My breakfast usually consists of cucumbers, tomatoes, bread and sometimes eggs, depending on if they are brought out to the site or not.  If you know me I absolutely love vegetables.  Yet, having these food items every day for over two weeks now, it doesn’t have that same flare like it use to.  I recently called my mother to tell her about my adventures and how much fun I’ve been having since I came here and I made sure to tell her one thing I don’t want when I come home.  A list that contains these food items: cucumbers, tomatoes, bread, eggs, and chicken,  lots of chicken for lunch and dinner.  In all, my mornings have been great, unless it’s over 100 degrees out, but like I said, the way the sun rises and how the moon is positioned.  I’d have to say it’s the best way to start any day.