Back in the Dirt


It’s been two years since my last archaeological dig. Two years since I woke up before sunrise. Two years since I spent hours using a pickaxe and a hoe. Two years since I felt the hot, Israeli sun beat down on me while I was looking at artifacts. Oh, how I have missed this!

Archaeology has a muscle memory, like riding a bike. I was able to get back into the routine easily and remember things I thought I forgot. Once I began, there it was, stored in the recess of my brain, where little archaeological facts are kept. I am home.

This is my first time at Omrit and I love it. I came not knowing anyone and I wasn’t sure how I would fit, since everyone came from the same school. Whether they knew each other or not, we all are here because we share a common interest – a love for history and archaeology. This helped us bond together quickly. And the fact that we spent every moment together helps. It might also help that each of us is covered in dirt…

As we conclude our second week, I am excited about the things we will find, the places we will visit, and the bonds we will create over the next month. It is a fun and exciting time to step out of one’s comfort zone and fly across the world to pursue a passion. And, it is so worth it. I look forward to these next few weeks under the Israeli sun and back in the dirt.