The Harpoon Man

Israel’s landscape has several identifiable qualities: looming yellow hills, green valleys and ravines, and boulders sprinkled everywhere like pepper.

These are a few that I’ve noticed as we’ve travelled between sites and the Kibbutz, where we are staying. The quiet observations through the windows along the highways have been a valuable enterprise themselves in learning about Israel’s culture. Green, Defense Force soldiers wandering around with various slung weapons. The aggressive traffic. Sparkling pendant strings you might see at a car lot at home, strung in abundance. Bright yellow and red gas with enormous lettering. Bleary eyed truck drivers, pulling from cigarettes, staring diligently at the road ahead.

I’ve been relying a lot on my camera, but lately I’ve been trying to take in more with my eyes versus the viewfinder. I do have several favorites from our trip picked out however.

I know this image isn’t a shot of one of the many ancient sites we’ve visited, but as we stood on the beach of the Mediterranean this man walked past us several times, and it finally occurred to me that, until then, I had never seen a harpoon gun in person (I’m a big Bond fan, so I’ve read all about them). I’m curious as to what he could possibly be hunting that required such an arsenal.

I ended up snapping a couple images as he walked past, and this one turned out nicely.


The harpoon man on the Mediterranean shore, just north of Caesarea Maritima. 11 June.